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zero paints

Paint Zero-Paints is automotive paints in small packagings studied for the model makers, Zero-paints proposes tints manufacturers and  cars and motorcycle teams


Paints alclad proposes a range of paint with effect products alclad métalique. allow to obtain a realistic aspect of the metal, specially with the alclad chromium 107,

mr hobby

You will find here the range of the great products Mr color metallic. Mr Hobby de Gunze great tints métalic :chrome, silver,  and copper have an exceptional finish


We propose you a selection of primers tamiya in spray white, grey, pink as well as some reference specific TS in basic color and tint TS tamiya

finishing products

All the model makers are in search of products of finish the best brands: masking tape, decals products microsol, micromesh alclad, ec


We selected airbrushes paashe and badger, as well as compressors capable of satisfying quite the model makers.

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discover fabulous Cars and motorcycle zero paints, in packaging specially studied for models - zero paints are already diluted for the use in the airbrush. painting Zero-paints is matt and require a coat of varnish to obtain an exceptional shine. Most of the colors manufacturer are proposed to you as well as the colors of teams sportsmen automobile and motorcycle, teams of formula 1 and sponsors tobacco companies for example

Zp 1015 zero paints

peinture zero-paints zp 1015

honda RC211V telefonica movistar

2 x 30 ml


zp 1021 zero paints

peinture zero paints zp 1021

jaune camel team lotus  99T 100T

1 x 60 ml

 8,90 €

zp 1035 zero paints

peinture zero paints zp1035

honda RC211V repsol 2002

2 x 30 ml

11,80 €

zp 1039 zero paint

peinture zero paints zp1039

bleu rothmans williams fw 16

1 x 60 ml

8,90 €

Metal alclad, products for décals microsol, primers, varnish, bands of masking tamiya, pipettes, accessories and equipments tamiya, and mr hobby and some more other articles here is a selection the best sales of our products of finish, paints effects which shall satisfy the enthusiasts of models most requiring, in search of products of exception.

alclad 107

peinture effet chrome alclad 107

prédiluée pour aerographe

1/ 30 ml

6,95 €

bombe appret tamiya

couleur au choix

blanc, gris, rose ou rouge

1 x 180 ml

 10,90 €

micromesh alclad  301

feuilles de ponçage fin

3600, 4000, 6000, 8000, 12000

5 feuilles

14,50 €

peinture mr hobby sm06

peinture super chrome sm06

pour aerographe ou pinceau

1x 30 ml

12,50 €

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